In the Nineties

We were founded in 1991 in Castello di Serravalle, a small town in the Bolognese hills. In just a few short years, we have been able to transform an idea into a young and dynamic industrial reality, specializing in the production of high quality, handmade frozen pizzas.

In 1999, Italpizza moved all of its production activity to San Donnino (MO), in a 5000 m² plant.

2000 and beyond

Starting in the year 2000, Italpizza undertook some important technological investments aimed at increasing productive capacity, maintaining unaltered the traditional characteristics of Italian pizza: rising of the dough for at least 24 hours, all pizzas stretched by hand and cooked in a wood burning oven.

The plant was enlarged to reach its current size of 20000 m².

In 2008, the Bakkavor Group (UK) acquired 90% of Italpizza.

In 2014, the process initiated for the founder to totally reacquire the company.

In 2015 the reacquisition had been completed, in advance of the timeframe initially agreed upon. The motivation of  moving so quickly was the desire to launch an Italian brand name on the domestic market, dominated by foreign products. In fact, the objective of Italpizza is to showcase the technological excellence and Italian tradition on the domestic market after the outstanding success attained by the company in foreign markets, where it boasts a position of quality leadership with the major international retail chains.

In 2017 thanks to the success of «top» product sales Italpizza expands its plant and inserts new production lines.


Our company has created a system based on the transfer of our core values (tradition, safety, quality and innovation) to our method of working.