Italpizza was founded in 1991 in Castello di Serravalle, a small town over the “colli” the hills surrounding Bologna, where starting as a small family company in a few years has become the Italian leading company specialized in the production of frozen and non-frozen pizzas. Italpizza produces only pizzas offering to its customers a wide and innovative range inspired by the constant improvement, with the highest standards of production and the service, with the respect of the italian tradition, the environment and the sustainability.

Italpizza has also been able to industrialise a handcraft process:leavening of the dough for over 24 hours, manual spreading and filling of the product, cooking in wood fired oven only. The Italpizza people passion is the engine that allows to achieve important goals. Over the years Italpizza has introduced new successful brand range such as the “26x38” and the “12x30” range, respecting its unique and original values: tradition, safety, quality and innovation.

Italpizza, il nuovo polo creerà occupazione

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Italpizza a TUTTOFOOD con due nuove referenze per il mercato italiano

Italpizza presenta due nuove referenze alla TuttoFood 2019
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